Direct links to the Corporate Social Responsibility websites/webpages and social media accounts of leading corporates.

BNP Paribas

CSR at BNP: BNP has been pursuing sustainable development policies since 2002. Their CSR policy is based on 4 pillars comprising 12 commitments. Recently this policy was brought under BNP Paribas Group governance, which promotes a long-term approach to CSR strategy.


CSR at Campbell: Promoting global nutrition and wellness while building a sustainable environment and honoring their role in society from farm to the family. We like this quote in particular: “We expect our Company to be judged not only on its financial performance, but also on its commitment to CSR and sustainability.”


DogLegMedia focused on gender equality in golf and sports in general by increasing public awareness of womens golf in Europe at the amatuer and professional levels. We like this since mens and womens golf are far from equal in terms of corporate sponsorship. The same revolution that has taken place in tennis, skiing, and other sports needs to reach the golf world asap.

Farm Zero

This new initiative uses salt water,¬†sunlight and cutting-edge technology to bring sustainable food resources to arid regions. Farm Zero is backed by some of the world’s leading experts in sustainable agriculture. ¬†The public sector should take a close look and bring Farm Zeros to local communities.

Scotia Bank

Scotiabank’s CSR strategy includes five priority areas: Corporate Governance, Marketplace, Employees, Environment and Community Investment. The work that they do in each of these categories is based on the Bank’s business strategy as well as the expectations from their key stakeholders.


Toms Shoes

Great brand values, the One-for-One program and a belief that they can change people’s lives through business. We recently visited Toms during the launch of their new Amsterdam flagship store. They recognize the difficulties in managing a global supply chain and still continue to push for change and improvement from their suppliers.



Visa is helping improve lives and economies around the world. From advancing financial inclusion to helping in times of crisis, they are using their products, know-how and philanthropy to bring about positive change.