CSR Week is a digital resource for the latest Corporate Social Responsibility news and information.  We aim to highlight good practices, encourage progress and bring to light what might be seen as shortcomings in CSR practices and results.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporate responsibility goes beyond green initiatives and should address resource conservation of the world’s resources, responsible investment, and encouraging good business practices as well.  Initiatives branded under corporate social responsiblity or responsible investment should stand up to public scrutiny.

At the same time we do believe that good corporate practice is evolving.  It’s important to encourage additional investment (in time and money) through positive feedback and constructive criticism.

CSR Focus

We make every effort to cover a broad array of CSR news across all sectors.  We do take a (mostly) positive view, aiming to highlight best practices and encourage further progress.  We also have deeper expertise and interest in a select number of areas including:

  • Water Security
  • Food Security
  • Responsible labor practices
  • Gender equality
  • Social and financial inclusion
  • Responsible investment

Share with Us

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We invite guest writers to share their views and opinions.  To submit an article for publication, please contact us here.

Additional questions, comments, and feedback?  We aren’t perfect, but we are always working to improve.  All positive and/or critical feedback is welcome.  Please contact us here.