LONDON, 6 July 2016 /PRNewswire/ — International Game Technology PLC (“IGT”) (NYSE:IGT) announced the release of its 2015 Sustainability Report, which focuses on the Company’s responsible gaming programs and outlines its social, environmental, and economic responsibilities.

“As a global leader in the gaming industry, we must continuously monitor the potential social risks associated with our business,” said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT. “We understand that our long-term success is reliant on socially responsible and sustainable business practices.”

IGT is focused on supporting our industry, our communities, and our world. Our best-in-class solutions respect both people and the environment, while delivering innovation and excellence to keep gaming fun for all. Our people continue to be steadfast proponents of our core values: we are responsible, collaborative, authentic, passionate, and pioneering.

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Responsible Gaming:

IGT has a longstanding commitment to developing and implementing responsible gaming programs. The Company employs industry best practices and applies international standards to achieve its responsible gaming objectives, including:

  • Protective tools to address problem gambling.
  • Support for responsible gaming organizations that address problem gambling.
  • Prevention of underage gambling.

IGT works with customers, gaming regulators, research institutes, and trade organizations to develop technological solutions aimed at promoting responsible gaming. IGT also partners with research institutes and universities to continually develop new tools for improving its programs.

Social Responsibility:

IGT’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is executed through community involvement and employee engagement initiatives, supporting programs that enrich and strengthen our local communities. The Company embraces a breadth of needs, providing educational and economic opportunities for people in challenging socio-economic environments around the globe.
IGT has helped local communities through a number of programs aimed at supporting public initiatives.

  • The After School Advantage program provides disadvantaged students with access to computers. The program has been implemented in countries including the U.S., Chile, Colombia, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Kitts, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Lottomatica supports the “Vincere da grandi” project, which provides sports activities for children who reside in deprived areas in some of Italy’s largest cities.
  • IGT supports projects and events that add cultural value to its local communities, including Artown, an arts and music festival in Nevada.

Economic Responsibility:

IGT aims to create economic value over time, while increasing the distribution of economic value among all stakeholders in the Company’s business. By analyzing economic value generation and distribution, IGT’s economic impact can be measured beyond a strictly financial view that only considers shareholders’ interests.

  • 46 percent of IGT’s total revenue is in North America, 36 percent in Italy, and the remaining 18 percent in International.
  • More than 8,000 suppliers worldwide, who are required to comply with existing regulations on workers’ rights and the Company’s Code of Conduct.
  • Over 12,000 employees worldwide.

Environmental Sustainability:

IGT upholds environmental sustainability by investing in new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of operations through accurate monitoring of energy consumption. Through an Environmental Management System, IGT constantly improves its results with a view to minimizing the impact of its operations, and reducing the waste and pollution resulting from its production activities.

  • The Reno facility is Gold LEED-Certified, which is a mark of quality and achievement in a green building.
    In Rhode Island, energy consumption has decreased by four percent in 2015.
  • In Italy, due to a logistical reorganization, shipping to retailers has decreased by 18 percent in 2015 and CO2 emissions decreased by 14 percent.
  • In IGT, more than 73 percent of produced waste is recycled.

The 2015 Sustainability Report applies the latest Global Reporting Initiative guidelines (G4), which are the most widespread international guidelines used by organizations to report their sustainability impact and performance. These guidelines require submission of comprehensive and analytical information regarding a wide range of indicators and areas related to CSR.

This report is the first edition of the Sustainability Report for International Game Technology PLC. Prior to the 2015 merger of GTECH S.p.A. and legacy IGT, both companies had leading CSR programs.

In keeping with the Company’s sustainability strategy, the 2015 report is available online and may be accessed at

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